Friday, August 28, 2009

A Valley Unknown

I awaken
wandering through a valley
unfamiliar to my senses
Somewhere in the recesses of darkness
your voice whispers
my name
In the shadows
your figure beckons me
into a realm I have never experienced
but I happen to recognize it’s origin
As I follow
my foot
does not stumble
sidestepping lingering emotions
maneuvering around cautionary thoughts
dodging fleeting memories from another time and place
finally springing over obstacles that I knew would be there
awaiting my arrival
As I trudge down this path
determination guides me
yet it’s blended with angst
I continue to survey my surroundings
evoking whispers in my mind
reminding me that this place is unknown
I see you now
standing there at the opening
of yet another strange land
and this one I do not know
so I inquire,
"Shall I fear it?"
and you respond without pause,
"Yes, you should"
as you extend your hand for me to follow
and intrigued still
I dismiss the words from your lips
and follow the gaze of your eyes
into the dark chasm of your world
that I am unsure of
yet willing
to travel.

© 2006 Erika G.

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