Friday, January 8, 2010

Rising Through Love [10/30]

Falling in love is not hard
Rising through love is the struggle
Staying through nights
that appear hopeless
Dismantling walls of pain
from past experiences
Persevering through someone else’s angst
because they are afraid to release
yesteryear’s contradiction
the hesitation left behind
because she was scandalous enough
to fuck yo childhood best friend
and the payback you dished out
by bringing home an outside kid
Naw falling in love is not hard
Rising through it is the struggle
never knowing what love really
looks like cause you’ve never been able
to pick it out of a crowd
nor what it taste like
cause of that bitter herb
left in your mouth
But contrary to the thought
It is not the scars left on the heart
By names like bitch or whore
Favorites like are you stupid
The words you will never be shit
Or you ain’t shit
Or you ain’t gon’ do shit
The names of other women
being called upon in his dreams
while you lay pretending to be asleep
The scent of another man’s cologne
Lingering in the air
when you enter your own damn home
Reaching under the bed
to retrieve the remote
that now lay beside
Someone else’s nasty ass underwear
Naw it ain’t none of that
But if that’s your story
what it is and what it can be
is learning to love all over again
understanding that the other season
had to end in order for you to meet
who was actually intended
as your very best friend
and then maybe
just maybe
you’ll understand
what being in love is
and how rising through love

© Erika Gresham 1/3/10

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