Thursday, January 1, 2009

Moving Into the New Year With A New Blog

After going back and forth over importing and exporting previous postings from other sites, I decided I would use this space afterall. My name is Erika and this blog will be dedicated to poetry and prose. I started posting a few years ago on Xanga and will be transferring those pieces here. I also hope to fill this space with many new thoughts as I am on a mission to rededicate myself to the art of written expression. I went on a walk down memory lane, and found it interesting to see the changes that took place in my development depending on where I was in my life. Some pieces I may never read in public just because I'm no longer feeling them. However, each piece plays a role in my growth and you may feel differently. Hopefully, you will find something of interest or amusement, mental stimulation or sentiment. Whatever you find, please leave a word or two as that is the change that feeds the meter of my mind. Until we meet again.....journey light.  

Luv & Tearz  


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