Monday, January 5, 2009

My Body

My body feels like she knows you  
as if we were lovers in history 
a modern day Romeo & Juliet  
or Cleopatra & Antony not wanting to succumb  
to the pain of never having you lie here next to me 
my mind is entangled with vines of want  
As well as misery  
so would it be a sin against God 
If my fingers pretended  
they were you and not me 
My body feels like she knows you  
as my back arches to meet your words 
reacting to your voice’s inflection 
your enunciation of verbs 
describing in great detail 
what it is you want to do with me 
my lips and legs quiver 
at the hint of you touching me  
the thought of you exploring my lands 
causes my body to convulse and shiver  
yearning for each suggestive thought  
your words and piercing stare so eloquently delivers  
What more shall I tell you 
even I am perplexed 
that my body acts as though 
it is insatiably possessed  
How can I tell you what it is  
that my body feels 
other than she wants you to devour her 
as if it were your last meal 
for you and I to unite  
on a voyage of bodies over minds 
She wants more than just mental exploration 
She wants you to bring tears to her eyes  
She wants to feel your touch  
as it plunges deep between her thighs  
She wants to experience the fire of the phoenix's demise 
She wants to become your delicacy spread upon fine linens 
She wants our bodies to duel in an erotic battle to the finish 
She wants to be that final feast for you to slowly consume 
surrendering to your cravings 
everytime the hunger resumes 
She wants you to penetrate her flesh 
release all of her emotions 
guide her in what pleasures you most 
be the catalyst to Newton's third law of motion  
She wants you to push this fantasy 
beyond what is humanly possible 
submerge her in your desires 
make this union a missing part of the gospel 
And when she exits leaving me 
only with my mind 
I ask that you love me back to life
for my body has revealed my inner thoughts  
with one deep incision of destiny's knife 
with every part of my being exposed 
throbbing with passion and pain 
my only fear is that my body will suffer death 
at the hand of lust 
never allowing 
our minds 
to connect 
Erika G. © 11/26/2007

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