Wednesday, January 7, 2009


As she sits waiting in anticipation  
between her thighs a tingling sensation  
recalling how he bites her in places  
than with his tongue slowly traces  
a figure eight across her breasts  
she runs her hand over her chest  
feeling every bead of sweat  
trying not to cum just yet  
She sat there in anticipation  
watching him walk through the door  
hoping just to cum once more  
she goes to him, removes his things,  
takes his hat, his bag, his keys  
then leads him to his favorite chair  
sits him down and than with care  
slowly takes his tie and shirt  
promising that she will not hurt  
a single hair on his chest  
"Sit back baby, I’ll do the rest"  
Using her tongue she takes in every inch  
gliding it around she begins to clinch  
her jaws slightly to give him pleasure  
no other feeling can ever measure  
the way she’s lovin her man right now  
if only he really knew how  
she waits daily in anticipation.  

© 2006 Erika G.

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