Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Old Love

As I sit in the window
Staring out into the night
I think of you
I think about the way your words
glide off of your tongue
dripping like honey
drenching my soul with
the sweetness of you
bathing me in you
And how your voice
Deep with bravado
Serenades me
Soothing my soul
I truly do miss you
I miss your arms holding me
So tightly
Cradling me
As if I were being held for the first time
And song to by a new mother to her first born
And although I know I’m not your first
You caused me to feel like I am your only
The only one you’ve ever touched like this
The only one you’ve ever held like this
The only one you ever loved like this
I think about the way you touch me
Lightly in the small of my back
And how that one touch says so many words
I want to protect you
I want to caress you
I want to show you so much more
I want to love you
And with those words
From the tips of your fingers
I am overjoyed
For I too want to and do love you.............

Erika G. © 2008

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