Friday, January 2, 2009


Sometimes I wish I could  
Wash away the memories  
of the ill effects of love  
Ransacking its contents  
only wanting to recover  
and set aside the good to savor
while tearing apart and discarding the bad  

Sometimes I wish I could  
Silence the sad notes in a love song
Only allowing the sweet melody 
of unyielding devotion to filter through  
Cherishing the gift of love’s past promises coming to fruition

Sometimes I wish I could  
Edit the sentimental moments in a romance novel  
that cause sadness and despair only publishing the conversations of lovers  
laying in bed sharing their hopes and dreams  
and wishing that each of them have a place in the other’s future  
As she lay on his chest allowing his 
heartbeat to lull her to sleep  
her only disappointment is the thought of the rest of the world interrupting their time together 
as they rise to face the next day  

Sometimes I wish we could just stay right there……  
There in the horizon where night meets a new day When there are no worries,  
no arguments,  
no resentment,  
no pain,  
no yelling,  
no crying,  
no misunderstandings  
When there is no need to make up or try to think of what to say  
Sometimes I wish I could just sit and only think about love’s goodness  

Erika G. © 10/19/2008

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