Sunday, February 1, 2009

On the Spoken Word Scene.....

Hello Beautiful People and lurkers (you know who you are lol) 

So I thought about this blog I have here and decided to make the truly nasty pieces private. Everyone really doesn't need to know me like that *wink* Plus, I feel myself moving in a slightly different direction than before. Still not for sure which way, but the wind will guide me *smile*  

I have been reevaluating our spoken word scene lately. I never really cared for it before as there was nothing inviting about the popular spots and I was too much of a neophyte to know about the underground spots. But now the coffee houses and lounges are like crack to me. I mean I truly am loving the tone the hosts have been setting and the attitude the artists have been bringing. So now I find myself out during the week, drinking chai lattes at night and a bottle of 5 hour energy in the morning. Often times, it was never really the artists that I had issue with in the first place, but the venues. Ironically, the best underground spots that birthed true artists had become the worst. There seemed to be an "us" and "them" movement. The venue took care of their own, while a newcomer was talked over, given a faulty mic, and barely got a hand clap. But I can't place all the blame on the venue, because just like the church, who really sets the tone - the members. So unfortunately, new skool with their belief that Weezie is a dynamic mc were allowed to come in and then things became strictly business. The mic was totally disrespected unless your name came with the title Def Poet(no disrespect) or you spit about the in's and out's of your last sexual encounter. Now I have nothing against making sex rhymes, but there are those who only have sex rhymes that give you a blow by blow from the sidelines with no use of adjectives or creativity. All nouns and verbs. But it works. Dollar, dollar bill, y'all. Anyway, let me put my little box away. I'm happy to say, I'm inspired by what I see today. There are a host of open mics that cater to all ages. Not only can you enjoy a taste of knowledge, but many musicians come through to feed that "feel good music" itch you may need to scratch. And right now, I'm getting that itch again. lol. Next time maybe I'll tell you where the spots are hot. Muah! Until we meet again.....journey light.  

Luv & Tearz

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