Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When the Past Returns

As she walked in the door, Monica predicted that tonight would be one to remember.  She quickly surveyed the room and spotted Brian sitting at a semi-private table.  Although she had never met him in person, the pictures he sent her did not lie.  In fact, they seemed to do him no justice at all.  ‘This brother was definitely much better looking in the flesh’ she thought as he walked over to greet her.  As Brian extended his hand and pronounced every syllable of his name distinctly, Monica continued to inspect him. ‘Wow, look at his hands, ooh and those arms! Oh my God, something has to be wrong with him!?’ At that moment, Brian smiled showing each tooth perfectly aligned with the others.  Monica felt herself about to melt in his chocolate dipped hand, when she immediately returned his handshake with the firm grip she was accustomed to using with her male counterparts at the office.  “Hi Monica, I finally get to put the picture and lovely voice with the beautiful woman who owns them. And I must add you are more beautiful in person.” Monica felt herself blushing as Brian seemed to have just snatched the role of inspector right from under her.  She found herself trying to smooth out the wrinkles in her capris that had been created by the groove in her thighs while driving.  Brian seemed to notice her uneasiness and looked away for a moment.  When he returned his gaze, he asked did she want something to drink.  It took all she had to say “a mojito would be nice, extra mint please” without stumbling over her words.  Relieved by the opportunity to regain her composure and breathe, Monica mouthed the words ‘Thank you Lord” as she watched Brian walk over to the bar.  
Since they were attending her friend Leslie’s Annual Labor Day Party, they both agreed to wear white joking about how they should get it in now before it became a fashion faux pas and find themselves in someone’s magazine with the red stripe over their eyes.  Usually, Monica didn’t care for linen on a man. It was either too wrinkled, too large, or it just simply made her feel like she was dating one of her father’s friends.  But as she watched Brian maneuver his way through the small crowd that had begun to gather in the popular yet small lounge, she was more than appreciative of his choice of wardrobe.  The white linen in contrast to his ebony skin reminded her of the first snow back home. The way the edge of his sleeve rested at his wrist was much like the earth peeking from beneath the edge of the snow.  The material draped his body more like silk than linen revealing that he was definitely a man that cared about his body.  She found herself wondering how he would smell the first time they would hold one another close.  Would it be that earthy, wood like smell found in most men’s fragrances or his personal aroma that served as a natural aphrodisiac causing her to forget all that she knew NOT to do on the first date.  He began to make his way back to her and she continued to imagine.  As she studied his dark eyebrows, the strong line of his square jaw and the width of the V dip in his full lips, she began to wonder what he tastes like.  But that thought was soon interrupted when she felt someone glide their hand gently across the small of her back, with lips barely touch her ear and whispered, “Hey baby, I’ve missed you.” 
© 2009 Erika G.

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