Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mental Seduction

He mentally
Vexed I have no
explanation nor
for craving
this man’s
His words caress me as
they encircle me and
protect me from
a world I was
once afraid
to try
It’s as though he has performed surgery
on my mind reached into my soul
studied my heart though
he’s never ventured
into my eyes but
I feel like he
knows me
No physical fruition, but mental penetration
provided to me daily keeping me lost in
thought guessing what he may say next
praying that thoughts trapped in a
cyclone will soon be released
to roam the land of promise
where his vision and
my vision soon
shall meet
Upon my arrival, I desire to taste the waters
of completion that flow freely from
the fountain designed by his pen
for he is the author of this
chapter in my life
to which I speak
and I pray that
our story

© 2006 Erika G.

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