Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wisdom's Mother [5/30]

I want to run in fields
with sunflowers
the size of sequoia trees
Sit back to back
with wisdom’s mother
close my eyes and
see what she sees

Vanish into the
seams of the sky
Laugh hysterically
at my old habits and
adolescent thinking
As others attempt
to slide into her paradise
without first asking

Wondering if my
permission slip
was signed
or forged by
They question me

And although
I’ll admit to wanting
to circumvent
the obstacles
set before me
Dodge the daggers
thrown at me
Ignore the insults
spoken to me

Even appear
without challenges
more intelligent
culturally centered
tolerance proof
and understand how
to love unconditionally

I recognized
without trying
That I eventually
allowed myself to
Become a
clean slate
Open to
another’s journey
Primed for
new understandings
Painted by
an unknown love
And fed by
her creations
I allowed
wisdom’s mother
to teach me

© Erika L. Gresham 12/22/09

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