Monday, June 24, 2013

It Rained Again

It rained again today
And I loved it when it rained
‘Cause I stood in the depth of it
Limbs outstretched
Never concerned with becoming wet
But awed by the way
It washed over hills and
Like sweat over mounds of flesh
slammed against the earth's floor with vengeance
And removed all remnants
of confused love, malice, and hatred

And I stood in the depth of it
As it mingled my Father's love with my fears
Nimbus covered and delivered me with its tears
The sky opened its crimson arms wide to me
shined boldly on me
kissed me on the forehead
and with a hushed voice spoke to me
asked can I run wild with you
paint the sky another hue
although everyone else only sees blue
can I ask my brother the wind to carry you
my sister the moon to glow for you
and the stars to twinkle just a little
and grant one wish for you

And I stood in the depth of it
Because of course I said yes
I had imagined that
if he could do all that
then he knew how to love me
maybe even unconditionally
so I allowed the droplets
to ease down my cheeks
landing prophetically
and anointing me
while he speaks
nice-nasty to me
playing games with my mind
I heard him say – You Are Mine
And for a moment in time
I was subdued
As this was only a prelude
To him doing whatever it was
He desired to do
And my spirit became renewed
As he whispered
Can I soak in you
Can I drink from you
Can I taste you as the land opens itself
And bathes you
Allow me to touch every part of you
No harm will ever come to you
Just trust
That’s all I’m asking that you do

And I stood in the depth of it
Awed and amazed
Lens glossed over
with that crimson haze
all because I
refused to come in out of the rain
I love it when it rains

© Erika Gresham 3.5.13

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