Monday, June 17, 2013

she only wants HIM

she only wants him
little ones crying
providing the background vocals
to nightime locals
who witness her sidestreet dance

but she only wants him
sashaying her hips and her soul
bold is she
prancing down back alleys
crouching on heels
that are delicate but feel
like rose stems & thorns

but she only wants him
pressing her back against
pissed stained bricks
trying to hold her breath
to avoid the stench
and suck at the same time

but she only wants him
jaws already sunken
flesh drained of color and life
but he holds onto her tight
clutching her dusty blond crown
clenching his teeth
and finally releasing
what he's been holding
and she's been wanting
for what seemed like forever
 it was only five minutes...
 it was only five minutes...

but it was only 5 minutes
as it bounces off her shoulder
finding its way to the
ground she scrambles like the rats
nearby to retrieve it quickly
making sure none of it
rolls into the concrete
and as she drops it into her pipe
she's now sky high on the edge of life
where death whispers sweet
nothings in her ear
waiting for her to look back
over her shoulder
and chase that dream again
because he knows that
she only wants him

© Erika Gresham 2.27.13

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