Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Me

Why do they think its easy being me
I mean, I do look good, I must agree
Is it because I dress exquisitely
Never purchased makeup from a drug store
The only sista with a $400 hairstyle they know of
The scent of the expensive fragrances I wear
Or maybe its because I’m chaffeured from here to there

Why do they think its easy being me
If you could just take the time to realize
Those of you that tend to despise
Whisper, giggle and even challenge me
Because my man treats me like his trophy
Really looks are deceiving and its not what it seems
Inside you would here the tormented screams

Why do they think its so easy being me
Is it because I’m so sexy and slim
They believe, I think I’m better than them
I can’t help it cause I don’t have time to socialize
Listen to them cry, moan, and cry
Are they even cognizant of my own fears
What awaits me when I leave here

Why do they think its so easy being me
When daily I must return to house of gloom
Where more hatred of me will resume
Seeing that I will be required to explain
Give an account for him to ascertain
Whether every detailed conversation he decides to measure
Was really business related or my personal pleasure

Why do they think its so damn easy being me
The scars on my face display my history there
What MAC couldn’t cover still remains bare
The Fendi shades I sport are indeed fly
The help to cover the bruised and swollen eye
Fighting back the tears, I attempt to hide
The pain, the damage, I have inside

Why do they think its so damn easy being me
My hair, yeah parts are fake
Something else my man decide to take

I began to notice the hair God gave me
Was coming out in handfuls daily
He decided to put hair remover in my shampoo
Because he suspected I had been untrue

Really, can you help me understand,
Why do they think its so damn easy being me
The Gucci bag I keep by my side
Maintains what little I have left of my pride
Enclosed is remnants of my existence
Pictures I’ve kept with his resistance
He restricted me from all friends and family
Poisoned my children’s minds to turn against on me

Really, you can see what’s going on, right
Why do they think its so fucking easy being me
Driven everywhere by a man without trust
His love for me resembles hate-filled lust
He would rather gag and spit on me
Than comfort me and live in peace
Snatch every shred of hair from my head
Slap me, piss on me, then tie me to the bed
I pray nightly to the heavens above
To free me of this prison I speak of
But tonight I think I’ll have to decide
Continue living in fear or run and hide
But I’ve tried to leave before and failed
He hunted me down, beat me, was never jailed
So once again, I’ve built up my nerves to go to a place,
Far away from here, somewhere he cannot trace
Unless he decides to follow my fate
and meet me at hell’s fiery gate
So maybe then they will see
that its really not that damn easy being me

© 2006 Erika G.

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