Sunday, March 29, 2009

Follow Me...

follow me.......
as we realize that the world
never is as large as we think
because souls collide
and reality shrinks in
trapping those that chose to walk
dared not run to chase ambitious goals
and now sit
humming in unison
hymns of shattered dreams
hopes never sustaining breath
because instant gratification was sought
and patience was cast aside

follow me........
as we watch the wishful
dashing around searching
for a hint of promised glory
only stumbling upon shards
of glass once joined and half filled
skeptical of those that now dream
reevaluating their pass of life’s challenges
wishing they would have adorned the gloves
and put up a good fight instead
of tossing in the towel

follow me....
as we study the gambler
who accepts challenges boldly
collecting wisdom from those that
went before him and triumphed
waiting for the perfect hand
carefully deciding what to retain
and what to cast away
awaiting his opportunity to call game
and collect on life’s perseverance

follow me...
as the orchestrator prepares
his grand finale displaying
the performance of a lifetime
one that withstood the pressure
of emulating selfish success
by restructuring morals
to astonish the young with
images of lust and words of
anger, rage, riches, status

follow me....
as I introduce you
to the solo dancer
who chose to set her on
tempo, strutting to the beat
of a different drum
one filled with idealistic visions of
love, success, contributions
to this land, to her family
visions of a child
later realized and understood
that though movements and steps
may change with life’s music
the choice to lead or to guide
sets the tone for a life fulfilled

© 2006 Erika G.

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