Saturday, April 25, 2009

Not Your Platform

I will not be your platform

love unreciprocated

always offering a listening ear

a shoulder to lean on

a word of inspiration

favors rarely ever returned

as emotions fill the room

leaving me with feelings of confusion

to hang in the rafters

all simply because

you are going through again....

I will not be your platform

you will not burden me

weigh me down

wiggling your way back

into the recesses of my mind

infiltrating my thoughts

penetrating my heart

scratching up my rotation

leaving gaps in my flow

creating a repetitive rhythm

that attempts to drives me insane

all because you think you got it together again....

I will not be your platform

for you to perform a tap dance on

like a I'm the latest showtune on Broadway

or offer me illusions like David Blaine on a neighborhood street corner in the Bronx

often mystical, never seen before

levitations of reality

floating on love's misery

with a slight of hand ruining my future

You see, this game that you normally run on me

use to be seen through impaired eyes

unable to conceptualize

how I got here and why

later only to cry myself to sleep at

torn to pieces inside 

because you wanted to try us again.......

I will not be your platform

for your tricked out lines

to practice daredevil stunts

pumped by selfish adrenaline

revving my emotions

drag racing over my heart

because you now believe

you are ready to love me


chanting that

"we can conquer the world together baby" melody

that I’ve heard somewhere before

because it’s really your usual number

with a slightly new title and tune

but the message is exactly the same

because bottom line

some shit just won't ever change

No, baby I will not be your platform

because I have my own agenda

I’ve written my own screenplay

I plan to make my own waves

I plan to have my own say

I plan to do my own thang

I plan to toss that old reality

and walk into my original destiny

I plan to love unconditionally

I plan to enjoy love’s reciprocity

I plan to do those things you wouldn’t

I plan to take those roads you couldn’t

I plan to climb those mountains we dreamed of

I plan to cross those valleys we spoke of

and I apologize if you thought

there was an open door policy

because no,

you sir are not written

into this chapter of my life

so could you please be ohh so kind 

and get ya ass off my stage

DrkTearz © 2006/Revision 2009


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