Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Word Power

A word etched on the mind has infinite possibilities
Enthralling one to sit motionless at its complexity
Or possibly awestruck by its simplicity
A word released provides hope for those in despair
Freeing one to realize the epitome of their potential
Allowing them to revel in a renewed body, mind and spirit
A word articulated opens gateways to personal achievement
Demystifying a world lost in silent thought and limited dialogue
Providing the opportunity and liberty to speak my mind
A word cultivated provides the seedling for future endeavors
Sprouting courage and strength to express aspirations
Revealing new dreams where old ones use to reside
What is a word?
A word can be a multitude of things
It can cleanse the soul of sadness, defeat, and broken promises
A word can be me
© 2006 Erika G.

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