Saturday, May 16, 2009

Destiny's Command

My thoughts are of lovemaking,
slow motion and sensual
Overlooking the earth and its moon,
views that are multidimensional
Far above the summits our spirits travel
to a serene destination
summoned to join in a sensual dance
of heavenly jubilation
Your groans and my moans,
the angels attempt to mimic the sounds
Your voice and my voice,
between us an unknown language expounds
On this enticing revelation
our bodies have stumbled upon
A mind altering experience
divine intensity spawns
A legion of titillating visions
lust-filled creations
Filled with exuberance
brimming with anticipation
Few words can be uttered
to make the world understand
our uninhibited pleasure
is destiny’s command

© 2006 Erika. G

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