Thursday, September 10, 2009

Erotica or Just Damn Nasty??? and some other stuff

Hello Beautiful!

A while back I figured this blog would become a combo of my writings and my little change on the poetry scene here in Atlanta. I started this post about a week ago but held off on publishing it because I felt something was in the air. Now that it has come and gone, in light of recent changes and this being a portion of why the's topic is erotica vs f$ck poetry :-)

Once we stop using descriptive words, metaphors, and the like erotic poetry crosses over the line and becomes something else. Many poets refer to it as "f$ck poetry". Some will say there is nothing artistic about it, while others will beg for more. Love it or hate it, that is the world we live in.

When I first began writing I think every other piece I penned was a "sex poem". Until my dad pulled my shirt tail and asked is that how I want to be known as a writer because it was overshadowing everything else I had written. Not only that, it drew attention that I really wasn't seeking or was I? Hmm. Jon Goode has a piece "No More Pu$$y Poems" that expresses this well. So after talking to other writers, I realized that not only was my dad right but I needed to grow. If the only thing I knew how to write well was a sex poem than really I wasn't a writer but someone sharing too much. Because as expressed to me by several experienced spoken word artists and poets, "Anyone can write about their nastiest thoughts?"

So how much is too much folks?? Do you want to know in great explicit detail my dirty thoughts? As many of you know, I was given the opportunity to host a weekly open mic at Blackwood that I simply called Open Mic Nites. Because I hosted and promoted it, I became the sounding board for everything from service in the restaurant to content of the show. At one point, the manager over entertainment was complaining to me that the show was getting too nasty. At that time I understood his concern, but for the most part everyone seemed to stay within the boundaries of erotica and it was entertaining. Which is something the owner was interested in when I first began. However, I did believe that maybe the two should be separated somehow. There's an audience for everything, but not necessarily the same audience. The other issue is that it rules out a number of artists that have perfected their craft who are diverse but not erotic. But lately the show began to develop into a launching pad for everything sex. Now I don't mean a little bit kinky sex. Nope, I'm talking full throttle anything you can imagine or 'step outside yourself and think about sex'. Which normally, doesn't phase me. Afterall poetry, spoken word, etc is expression of self and is often at its best served raw. However, I must agree that some raw is too raw. To that note, I received an email from a loyal customer of the Blackwood that described last week as very disappointing. She stated that she was looking forward to more from the Maliks, Tommys, Sinceres, DJs, Truths and others that she had become use to enjoying. She invited some people to come out but was embarassed that she had promoted what she felt was a quality show and got something else. Someone else asked did I notice some people walk out? There were other remarks and comments made to me, but none that indicated they were feeling the show even though there were 20+ performances that night with some coming form Tha Songbird, Ken J., Warrior, Mz. Skribble, b.s'm0ne, etc. Now on the flip, I found out later that the owner was told by customers how much they enjoyed the erotic/f$ck poems. So what to do?? Simple - blend the two, and try to balance it all or so I thought.

The owner said he wanted to go in a different direction that my crowd was not growing and they weren't buying. So making a business move and being more hands on, the owner is incorporating more of the erotic style poetry and not censoring. They are changing it up. It's a new show with a new host, etc. Which should answer all the questions I've been getting hit with.

As far as Open Mic Nites go...hmm, let's just say look for an invite. Oh and I do perform erotica, but I prefer the teaser kind. MUAH!! Until we meet again...journey light.

Luv & Tearz

Now I edited this post based on a heart to heart I had with Sincere and a disagreement that arose between those responding. When I blog it's usually not that serious and I purposely make it so with "lol" and other symbols. Because this is a mix of entertainment and business, I feel I need to say to the readers, I do not have a personal issue with the owner. He and I did not communicate often. He placed someone else in that role. And I have come to realize that he trusted someone to handle some things for him and with that came good and bad information. The owner knows that and I know that....hence him being more hands on now and making some changes.

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